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We want to give credit to our mom, Lita Simpao, who taught us the joy of cooking when we were young aspiring chefs.  She taught us to be wizards in the kitchen by her refined techniques, principles and homemade recipes. She is our inspiration.

 Arlene Simpao Hewitt

Arlene lived in Orange County for more than 20 years and considered Southern California her home. She acquired her culinary expertise when she was working as a flight attendant serving passengers mostly in Business and First Class. She has travelled extensively and learned various dishes from all her trips around the world.

Binky Simpao Bilse


Binky resides in Northern California and has the passion for food and travel. Cooking and baking is her favorite past time as a stay-at-home mom. Napa Valley is a short distance from her home so she wanted to improved her cooking skills when she enrolled in short courses at the Culinary Institute of America Greystone.  

Cristy Simpao Hapner

Cristy has been cooking and catering way back in the Philippines and continued even when she moved to the US. Her successful enterpreneurial venture and experience has made her unique in creating her own style and taste reflecting a professional image. 

Lumpia, etc.


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